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(The current promotion is for Justin & Hilari Courtney's Re-Entry Team only.)

Justin & Hilari Courtney's



NYKO promotion 2020 Qualifications for NYKO promotion 2020

**In order to qualify, a business center must achieve a minimum of 120 points, Personally enroll a minimum of 6 customers on 150+ BV, be Paid-As Manager on the day the contest end, and maintain active status the whole contest.

Week#1 (week ending 10/6)


1. Whitney & Blaze Kaufman

2. Whitney Rodden

3. Britney Dice

4. Kris Beuerlein

  Brian Weber

5. Maria Gonzalez

6. Kim & Ryan Woyski

  Carrie & Chris Michaels

7. William Winslow

8. Carol & Dave Distel

9. Carolina Hernandez

  Tracey Waller

  Lisa & Shane Davis

  Jillian Massey

10. Debbie Heininger

   Tiffanie Albertson

11. Liliana Hernandez

   Jason Watson

   Michelle Oliver